Taking an holistic approach to customer experience design

I-AM recently designed the branding for an exciting new conference in Istanbul, XCO. Then as part of a line up of speakers from across different industries, I-AM Managing Director Jon was invited to speak about the importance of designing holistic customer experiences.

Using best in class examples from the likes of Audi and Nike, as well as recent I-AM projects the Hansgrohe Water Studio and Cloud 7 Hotels, Jon demonstrated five principles for holistic customer experience design success:

  • Create complimentary experiences
    • Using technology to optimise the overall experience you offer and orchestrate the elements within it
  • Promote consistency across channels
    • Making content accessible by honouring device specific needs and harmonising visual qualities
  • Blend physical with digital
    • Creating digital ‘wow moments’ in physical spaces and telling brand stories through flexible technologies
  • Utilise existing ecosystems
    • Integrating the best services to deliver above and beyond
  • Humanise and personalise your experiences
    • Providing remote access to advice in an engaging informational format

You can read the full presentation by clicking the link on the right.