I-AM Conference

In collaboration with Diebold Nixdorf, I-AM hosted an ‘Experience-Driven Banking: A Science and an Art’ conference out in Dubai. Group Managing Director Jon discussed I-AM’s top tips for re-inventing the branch.

The retail branch remains the most lucrative channel for banks, however, we still see a significant percentage of branches that are designed primarily to offer a purely transactional experience.

Today’s rapidly evolving customer base are as digitally driven as they are experience driven. Customers expect more, and your branches can do more.

So,how can you negotiate a balance in your branch network?

We revealed our 4 steps for success:

  • Understanding your customer
  • Defining your format strategy
  • Defining the role of technology
  • Focus on becoming your customer’s primary financial advisor

Click the link to review the whole presentation and get in touch to speak to us about your brand experience.