Your spaces are a brand statement. Buildings & interiors that support truly rewarding encounters are a key commercial asset.

Commercial Interior Design & Architecture Agency in Dubai

Rest assured, we take a holistic approach to digital and physical channels when it comes to retail design – but, as you’ll know, the continuing growth in online sales has demanded an entirely new approach to brick-and-mortar stores.

The physical environment is now more than ever about customer engagement and inspiration – even if fewer people are coming to make an in-store purchase. Given that the internet can create physical distance between you and your customers, the importance of the experience you offer them when they do come to your stores is critical.

The Middle East is a fascinating region for this type of work given the hugely diverse groups of customer-types and their relative experiences and expectations. This is sometimes coupled with a disparity between the appetite for investment in design and an understanding of the value that high-quality design brings to a business.

Commercial Interior Design Agency

We have designed physical environments across the region for a broad range of clients: banks, restaurants, hotels, retailers, governments – and even for mechanics in the automotive sector.

As with everything we do, our work in this area is founded in customer insight and a deep understanding of your business and your strategic objectives.

Contemporary Interior Designers in Dubai

Our architects and interior designers then choreograph the ideal customer journey based on the desired moments of interaction and engagement within it. This will often include the integration of digital signage and digital interaction.

Our various in-house teams collaborate to produce schematic designs, 3D renders, animated fly-throughs, and detailed design intent drawing packs.

The strength of I-AM’s work in this area again stems from the breadth of our offer: not only will we create environments that function and look exactly as they should look to achieve your desired results, they are also branded environments, making them easier for your customers to remember and to recommend.

What We Do

Customer Journey Design
Customer Experience Design
Interior Design
3D Design
Retail Strategy & Design
Pop-up Store Design
Furniture Design
In-store Communications
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We work with you to design
your spaces as deliberate customer experiences
3D environments in perfect harmony with your people,
your technology, your proposition and communications…