Digital UX Design Agency in Dubai

Our preferred approach to digital is to address it holistically, along with your other channels. However, we understand that some of our clients’ projects necessarily focus on one channel at a time, so we’re keen to demonstrate that we can support either scenario.

Digital take-up varies significantly in our region, from generation to generation, from country to country and from social demographic to social demographic. We start any project by helping you consider the following questions: who is going to use the piece of technology; what are they going to use it for; do the benefits to the customer justify the investment by the business; how should this channel be connected with your other channels; if the piece of technology is located within a physical environment: where should it be located within the customer journey; and what should the relationship be between technology and staff?

Digital Service & User Experience Design

Once we’ve answered these questions, I-AM’s role is to focus on the user experience and user interface design of the corresponding digital interfaces. It can be argued that user experience via digital channels is even more important than in a physical environment because it’s so much easier for your customers to switch to one of your competitors if they’re frustrated by the experience you offer.

Whether we’re designing a retail platform, an ATM interface, an intranet or a mobile app, it all starts with identifying the user’s needs and defining the content they are looking for. Our job is to create a logical hierarchy of information and connect it via navigation that simply guides the user to what she’s looking for. This structure is then packaged in a visually compelling and engaging environment.

What We Do

Web Portal Design & Dev.
Mobile App Design & Dev.
User Requirement Analysis
Site Mapping
Card Sorting/Tree-testing
Usability Testing
User Experience Reviews
Visual & Interactive Design
Competitor Analysis

We believe
that user experience
is everything
Customers who’ve visited
a mobile site spend 95% more
than those who did not