At its core, I-AM is a customer experience design consultancy. This means we design for any type of organisation that’s looking to improve the experience it offers its customers or audiences via any of the channels they use for engagement, whether physical or digital or a combination of the two.

Over the past twenty years, our clients have fallen broadly into the following three categories: banking & finance; retail; Food & Beverage and hospitality.

We have delivered award-winning work in many areas. This has included a patient engagement centre for Macmillan Cancer Support; a tyre-changing service for Bridgestone; a chain of dentists in India; a bathroom showroom for Hansgrohe; a language-learning centre for Berlitz; and a workforce engagement centre for the Ministry of Labour in Saudi Arabia.

Our processes and methodologies, coupled with our breadth of skills and experience, mean we are well-placed to support any organisation that will benefit from being able to offer a better experience to the people with whom it’s looking to engage.