Sharing a passion for fresh Turkish food

I-AM was asked to design a new brand and interior concept for a chain of healthy kebab restaurants, the first of which was to be launched in Riyadh.

The high-quality ingredients, Antep influence and authentic Turkish know-how required a brand that would not only draw on the owners’ Turkish heritage but also appeal to food enthusiasts around Riyadh through modern & accessible design.

The interior design concept looks to capture the essence of Turkish tradition, combining a selection of Turkish architectural elements from tiles and embroidery to lanterns and textured fabric. This diversity is also applied to the varied seating areas. A large sharing table with tile cladding beneath colourful pendants and greenery is central to the space conveying the spirit of togetherness and sharing.

The sophisticated and rich patterns inspired by Turkish architectural heritage, culture and craftsmanship are translated into a distinct visual language across the communication collateral.

What we did

Name generation
Visual Identity
Interior Design