East meets West in fast-casual restaurant concept in Bahrain

We worked with Al Abraaj Restaurant Group to create a fast-casual Bahrain restaurant concept offering a fulfilling meal and tasty alternative for people on the go.

We helped generate the restaurant name YaSalam!, based on the Arabian expression of surprise and astonishment, often used when impressed.

This fast-casual concept is aimed at people looking for convenience, speed, quality and good value for money. Therefore, the branding was inspired by a classic pop culture colour palette and the graphic expressions of this movement – which has an energetic and dynamic look and references the fusion with the food being inspired by ‘East meets West’.
YaSalam! caters to an audience seeking convenient and customisable dishes, while introducing options that are hand-prepared daily from fresh ingredients, including salads, premium shawarma, burgers and a variety of side dishes.

What we did

Name Generation
Physical Environment