Everyone who comes to visit our branch of the future whether
a client, a colleague or even
a competitor, will see that
the branch looks fantastic.
Pasquale Giamboi Head of Retail Banking, UniCredit Bulbank

UniCredit Bulbank Branding & Branch Interior Design

UniCredit contacted I-AM to design ‘the branch of the future’
for Central and Eastern Europe. The branch design outcome combines a large number of innovative solutions, aimed at transforming a visit to the branch into a pleasant journey for customers where hi-tech furniture and fashionable technologies achieve a positive customer impact.

Introducing The Customer Manager

I-AM also introduced the new role of customer manager, a role filled by everyone in the branch, the branch manager included, and serves the goal of making every client who enters the branch feel important, special and attended.

Customer Experience Analysis

I-AM conducted a customer experience analysis to compare the performance of the old design of the branch with the new one.
A survey was used to measure customer experience and identify different phases of the customer journey. The survey results were statistically analysed, and the effectiveness of I-AM’s improvement strategies was documented.

The design is now being rolled out in a number of formats across the Group. The test branch has proved a considerable commercial success with footfall and sales up and costs down.

What we did

Customer Experience Survey
Customer Journey Analysis
Branch Experience
Interior Design