We aimed to create a space where consumers feel more relaxed and can easily interact with the products and the store in general.

Turkcell’s Latest Experiential Flagship Store

We previously worked with Turkcell on improving their UI and UX design to create a more engaging online customer experience. Following this successful partnership, we worked alongside this telecom company to create their latest flagship store in Akasya shopping mall.

Turkcell’s brief was focused on creating a stage for its products, allowing them to be presented in an exciting format. This led to the design of an experience-based flagship, set up as three main spaces, where visitors could interact with the merchandise with ease, all within a comfortable and welcoming setting.

Creating a Telecom Experience Store

Starting with the ‘Dance’ area, for which we developed a concept where visitors could try IoT and music products in a sound-proof zone. Guests can link their mobile phones to the speakers and test them by playing with the volume levels.

The ‘Move’ zone, is an adjustable stand that adapts to each season’s latest theme and hero-products. In this space, customers can experiment with sports related gadgets. The purpose of this area is to attract customers to certain key telecom and technology products, allowing them to test and play around, all whilst interacting with the Turkcell brand staff and environment.

The ‘Discover’ section of the store, was specifically developed for the Akasya Flagship, based on the three Turkcell brand colors; it is a place where customers can uncover the brand’s latest devices and try-out the newest IoT products.

Last but not least is the service area, which we re-located to the center of the Akasya store, allowing clients to engage with the entire retail environment as they wait to be served.
The three themes and the service area concept help to boost awareness and garner product interest through a playful and original customer journey.

What we did

Interior Design
Visual Language
Art Direction
Branded Environments