In Eight Weeks Skate Kings Cross Welcomed Over 160,000 Visitors.

Skate King’s Cross Destination Brand Creation & Event Planning

Argent, property developers for King’s Cross Central Partnership Ltd are investing in the redevelopment of sixty acres of prime London real estate around one of the most iconic areas in London, King’s Cross. I-AM Beyond were approached by Argent to create a below-the-line brand campaign to both raise awareness for the regeneration, establish it as a ‘destination area’ and increase footfall.

An Eight-Week Pop-Up Experience

I-AM Beyond conceptualised an eight-week pop-up roller rink and diner experience called ‘Skate King’s Cross’ to link the area with leading events, influencers & brands to create a future commercial platform across a 3 year period. The rink, designed by Feix&Merlin Architects, ran throughout the summer of 2013 following six months planning and promotion.

Event Management And Press Coverage

Over the course of the pop-up, I-AM Beyond brought on board and managed all third parties and collaborators, ensured a specified amount of press coverage and managed the event in its entirety.
I-AM Beyond have now been asked to look at ongoing projects across the estate.

Photography by John Sturrock

What we did

Blue-sky Thinking
Marketing Strategy
Brand Creation
Brand Identity
Visual Language
Production Management
Awareness Campaign
Brand Partnerships
Revenue Management