Modernising the Postal and Banking Branch Experience

As a well-established post office in Turkey, and more recently serving as an intermediary institution for the transactions of 25 million people, PTT commissioned us to design a more dynamic, modern and innovative brand and a new branch concept. PTT has been at the forefront of communication and servicing the Turkish population for over 170 years. We assisted them on their journey to represent a modern posting and banking service offer to its growing customer base.

The use of mail services has fallen dramatically in recent decades as people and businesses move more to online communication. Even if post offices have a historical reputation preceding them, to continue to have an impact in the next decades, the need to digitise their branches and diversify their service offer is crucial.

The Customer Journey & Brand Communication

We began our work with PTT by classifying its services into two main categories, banking and cargo/postal services. This allowed us to then identify two different customer journeys, which could be combined within a branch and developed to offer an efficient customer experience, with clearly outlined services. Our research and analysis recognised three issues within the customer journey.

1. the issue of navigation, after entering the branch, customers did not know where to go to fulfil their enquiries.

2. due to lack of signage, customers often asked the security guards or staff walking past for assistance.

3. issues related to the services and products offered by PTT, which were not clear to customers.

Affected by these problems and the lack of accessible information, this translated into a negative impact onto the customer experience.

PTT Branch Concept Design

Focusing on a stronger customer-staff interaction and enhancing employee productivity, we introduced a new branch format.

A concept which included design features that visually communicated the layout of the branch to customers. Specifically, placing postal/cargo and banking counters in clearly defined areas within the branch, each zone distinguishable by its colour code. We also upgraded the PTT experience by integrating technological solutions within the branch – making offers such as e-PTT Mall and PTT Book more visible and accessible to customers.

Other technology features included transaction screens for posting and banking activities; digital screens showcasing the various services offered by PTT and engaging digital signage products such as Q-Matic displays. By creating an ergonomic layout and interior design, we improved the way PTT’s employees could cater to its customers, all whilst initiating a seamless experience. In addition, PTT is now able to show a more dynamic side of its brand through the innovative digital integration which modernises its customer journey.

What we did

• Design Research
• Signage & Application
• Branded Environments
• Interior Design