“The insight I-AM gained and used was integral to the successful creation of branch formats within the network transformation program - giving us exactly the results we were looking for.”
Cosmin Mosescu Senior Sales Manager, Raiffeisen International

 New Branch Format Experience for the Raiffeisen Customer

The project started with a deep analysis and understand of the banks desired target customers. Working alongside Raiffeisen, we visited 4 cities and interviewed 20 customers from 5 customer groups. We spoke to them in depth about their needs, wants and preferences in relation to banking but also their lifestyles in general. A bank is essential to many people, and therefore our challenge was to define how we can we make the bank fit into their lifestyles and not the other way round. Through selecting key locations by using prompt cards within the interviews, we could then determine the preferred potential locations for the branches within the network. This began to inform our branch format strategy.

Analysing the Banking Customer Journey

Within a series of highly engaging and collaborative workshops, we worked with the Raiffeisen team to build on this customer insight. We created a branch format strategy that allows Raiffeisen to be where customers want them to be, open at the times that suit them and offering the services that they need. Not only enhancing the customer experience but also reducing operational costs.

Together we selected 4 key branch locations and these locations informed the branch formats for the network. Each of these branch formats; Town Centre, Neighbourhood, Shopping Mall and Transport Hub, are made of a series of modules that can be interchanged between the formats, like a lego kit of parts. Working carefully across all stages of the customer journey we built modules that ensure an integrated and seamless journey between customers, staff, technology and banking processes.

Raiffeisen Bank Branch Concept Design

The concept design for the branch formats was based around the fundamental idea of “My Place”. This was generated from the customer insights we gained, the branch format strategy workshops and ultimately informs the look and feel of the branches. Creating a branch that truly reflects the spirit of “My Place” is about putting customers first and and at the heart of the experience, allowing them to be in control. This enables better relationships with staff and a more honest and open interaction.

We have worked alongside Raiffeisen to successfully deliver the branch concept in 3 cities in Croatia, opening 6 branches in the first year. The customer feedback has been exceptional with many commenting on how welcome and at home they feel in the branches. The performance is far exceeding their existing branches and the branches will continue to be rolled out in the future.

Through this project and the 6 branches that are now live, we have helped Raiffeisen to create a real signal for change, and a place where their customers are comfortable spending time and having conversations. The branch transformation program harnesses an agile, disruptive banking model that belongs to the customer today, and for the future.


What we did

Interior design
Signage & Application
Brand Identity
Branded Environments
Experience Mapping
Customer Journey Analysis