“I-AM created such a unique and intriguing branding that caught customer’s attention from day one. At every stage of the project I-AM kept raising the bar with their creativity and commercial focus. They have an amazing team!”
Anu Kathuria Founder, Pali Kitchen

A Grab & Go Concept Capturing the Spirit Of India

Pali Kitchen is a new fast casual dining concept located in the heart of London, bringing real Indian flavours to an innovative lunchtime menu in a vibrant and exciting way. Pali Kitchen’s owner approached I-AM with the vision of creating a leading fast-casual Indian brand, in the UK. The inspiration behind this restaurant was to capture the authentic hospitality of India, by focusing on the expressions and gestures of its people.

Brand Personality and Values

The owner’s motivation for the restaurant began with his sister, who he refers as “the world’s best cook”, and wanting to share these real home-cooked flavours to modern city residents. This led to Pali Kitchen’s aspiration to represent the people of India, showcasing its heritage within the store design and authenticity through the food. Pali Kitchen aims to change the perception of the Indian dining experience. Moving away from being a traditional, seated and multi-course dining experience to a fast-casual food proposition. The entire offer is based on delivering a promise of great customisable dishes efficiently, to everyone who wants a genuine taste of India.

Customer Journey

The main objective was to create a visual identity and customer experience that communicated the Pali Kitchen brand essence, defined by ‘serving real Indian flavours fast’. For potential local rollout, we designed a flexible concept that could be appropriated to future sites.

We worked on a comprehensive approach that considered the multiple customer touchpoints, with the aim of translating the brand ethos through the visual identity across online and in-store along with the design of the space. To create an offer that appeals to both westerners and Indians alike, we developed alongside FIS, a highly customisable menu built on four steps. This proposition provides a power of personalisation to the consumers and involves them in an exciting process.

The ordering process has been developed to be clear and easy, with staff assisting and preparing food in-front of the customer, for genuine freshness and a hint of food theatre.


What we did

Brand Identity
Environmental Design
Website Design
Art Direction
Interior Design