A new co-working space for the Middle East and Turkey

Ouspace is a collaborative working environment, designed to cater for the specific needs and demands of young professionals and serving the changing working habits of today’s entrepreneurs.

We were challenged to design a space that appeals to young people, providing a modern, dynamic working environment that is equipped with the latest technologies and tools to enable visitors to conduct their business with ease.

We began our engagement by working with the team at Ouspace to develop their brand strategy and the resulting brand positioning and assets. The work elegantly builds on the concept of a ‘hive’, using a honeycomb metaphor to create an interlocking brand mark that can be applied to multiple channels. This brand mark is complimented by a simple pastel colour palette of complementary colours and modern, sophisticated type.

At the heart of the physical environment is SureSPACE: an open-plan, collaborative working space dedicated to high-energy creativity and collaboration. This area is complimented by meeting spaces and break-out areas. A juice bar offers visitors refreshments and the lounge area ensures there are spaces for visitors to socialise and conduct meetings. The brand mark’s hexagonal metaphor has been used to create sophisticated decorative detailing and custom-made lighting. This, alongside the warm colour palette, creates an environment that is welcoming, modern and sophisticated, while delivering an unparalleled working environment for young entrepreneurs.

Ouspace is a unique work-play space, ready to cope with any business eventuality. A place designed with the future in mind – where old working habits are shunned and left outside in the cold. Ouspace is an energetic working hub where like-minded individuals can plug in and overload on communal inspiration or re-energise in a quiet corner for a bit of ‘me’ time. Ouspace is on a mission to unshackle individuals from the monotonous and dreary routine of traditional working life by empowering people to achieve their work goals and enabling them to live life the way they choose to live it. With a shared culture of togetherness, support and a sense of working community, Ouspace sets out to nurture the serial entrepreneurs of today and the business-leaders of tomorrow.

The resulting concept was first implemented in Istanbul, Jeddah and Tehran, and is being rolled out in various locations across the Middle East and North Africa in 2019, with Dubai and Cairo high on the list.

What we did

Brand creation
Visual Language
Graphic design
Brand guidelines
Signage & Application
Interior design