Kuwait’s best restaurants get their bread from Kuwait’s best bakery

One-Eighty has become synonymous with natural, quality ingredients and a shared sense of national pride, as a swathe of home-grown Kuwaiti brands compete at the same level with international high-end brands.

Happy with their position in the marketplace, yet wanting to expand their catering business into retail, Il Forno (as the brand used to be called) came to I-AM with a brief to create a new brand name and identity that can transcend the B2B and retail sectors.

One-Eighty needed to appeal to the wealthy Kuwaiti ‘It’ crowd to become a destination that will be enjoyed by those in the know. I-AM created a distinctive visual identity and language by developing a brand that is sophisticated and modern, a reflection of the Kuwaiti youth. The high-quality packaging exudes elegance and refinement with black, gold and marble texture… an embodiment of One-Eighty’s vision and mission.

What we did

Name generation
Brand identity
Brand application