I-AM are an excellent company. They are able to execute creative, tasteful and unique projects at a highly-organised corporate level.
Huseyin Ozkaya CEO, Odeabank

Odeabank Branch Interior Design & ATM Kiosk Design

As the sister bank of one of Lebanon’s biggest banking groups, Odeabank was keen to make a big impact on entering the Turkish market. I-AM were commissioned as architects and interior designers for the flagship branch – prominently situated in one of Istanbul’s most prestigious neighbourhoods – as well as the standard-format branches dotted around the city.

With its transparent exterior and curved lines, I-AM created a bank design that is both welcoming and attention grabbing. The inspiring design of the flagship branch has already become an iconic structure within the city.

Odeabank Digital Design & User Experience

A feature of the branches is to use the latest technology throughout the banking process in order to provide the most efficient and rewarding customer experience. A range of digital tools – touch-tables, tablets, iPhones and interactive screens – are routinely available in waiting lounges and entrance halls to welcome customers and facilitate engagement with the bank’s products and services.

As for the flagship branch, the impressive structure is the first bank of its kind in the Turkey, suggesting that function and form are, after all, achievable in equal measure.

What we did

Brand Application
Interior Design
Digital Integration
ATM Kiosk Design