Launching a smoakin’ restaurant

The Oak Smokehouse team approached I-AM to create a brand for a fast-casual concept in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

They wanted to fill a gap in the market for an experience of authentic and high quality smoked meat that is reasonably priced, and spread their expertise of original meat smoking methods. They aimed to add a new and exciting dining option for local consumers, and a taste of home for the expat community in the area.

The name ‘Oak Smokehouse’ was selected to depict the originality and honesty behind the offering and the vibrant and homely personality of the space. The concept for the brand and the restaurant reflected authentic smoking techniques – warmth, textured, and raw. A distressed badge style identity was designed, and the colour palette was warm, earthy, and reflected the colours found in the food being served. The visual language consisted of a contemporary geometric pattern inspired from middle eastern art forms, hinting toward the Saudi influences that are infused within the food.

The space was designed with rough unfinished textures, and pops of colour for vibrancy. Oak wood, the main ingredient in smoking the meat, was used as design elements within the space. Transparency and interaction were infused by creating an open service counter where customers could see and learn of the processes being used. Hints toward traditional methods were included using retro and neon signage elements.

The result is a brand and a space that is lively, vibrant, and expresses the genuine and high-quality food and service offering.

What we did

Brand Identity
Visual Language
Restaurant Design
Packaging Design