Paying homage to the traditional Turkish tavern

Mey Miso Meyhane Branding & Interior Design

Diageo approached I-AM to design a range of restaurant concepts with the aim of reintroducing Turkey’s forgotten tavern culture to the younger generation.

Traditional Turkish Tavern Culture

Following in-depth market research, I-AM defined two different concepts – one modern and one vintage. Whereas the Safi Meyhane is a ‘modern’ tavern concept, Miso Meyhane is its ‘vintage’ sister. For this concept, the I-AM brand strategy embraced traditional Turkish tavern culture. Elements such as retro furniture and accessories, nostalgic photographs and old-school ‘rakı’ print ads were introduced across the venue. A space was designated to pay homage to the historical and cultural heritage of ‘rakı’ and the long-lasting connection between this traditional drink and Turkish taverns.

The result is a vintage approach that pays homage to a very traditional Turkish experience. I-AM’s concepts and designs for both the ‘modern’ and ‘vintage’ taverns continue to be applied across Turkey.

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