I-AM have been approached by Jordan Kuwait Bank who is planning to build an innovative flagship branch in the prestigious Abdali Mall, to provide a future design solution for their branch concept. As part of a large-scale project to implement a ‘Branch of the Future’ initiative by Jordan Kuwait Bank, we aimed to introduce a differentiating customer experience in the branches as well as helping to create a multichannel ‘wow’ branch not only as a bank but also as a retailer in Jordan.

With I-AM’s holistic design approach, we conducted user research and addressed both brand identity and branch experience. The previous branding concept of the bank had had a suppressive look and feel and the brand colors were utilized monotonously. As in the branch experience, we re-designed the brand identity to have a fresher look. We expanded the color palette, and formed a dynamic identity with stationary, posters and the whole visual language. The imagery used in the posters now embraces all different types of customers through using the segments of the corporate logo.

The insight and strategies we used in the brand identity phase formed beneficial tools that will give a direction in the branch experience. Prioritizing the flagship design in Abdali Mall, we aimed to increase the access to and the usage of digital products as well as upgrading the customer interaction through putting emphasis on ‘hospitality’. The new branch has two entrances; the street entrance was designed to have a fascinating look whereas the entrance inside the mall was designed to highlight the technological facilities and have a more welcoming atmosphere. After entering the branch, the reception and the quick desks, along with the waiting zone designed in the lounge format, form a flexible and comfortable appearance. The meeter-greeter aids and navigates the customer to the private rooms and specialized areas inside the branch. The flagship concept was later adapted to the bank’s regular branch network.

In addition to the brand identity and branch experience, we also offered design solutions for some of the digital channels including ATM screens, in-branch digital screens and the bank’s website.

What we did

Brand application
Insight & Strategy
App & Website design
ATM Screens
Branch Design