“Jan is a testament to I-AM's 360 approach in creating a brand from scratch. Our experience with I-AM involved transformation of an idea into reality, alongside laying a foundation for a longstanding relationship. Our journey has begun, on a firm start”
Faizan Iqbal Managing Director

Jan Caspian Branding and Interior Design

Jan Restaurant briefed I-AM to design a dynamic and intimate environment reflecting the decadence and grandeur of the golden ages of the Ottoman Empire and Persian Dynasties. The brand story is one of strength and character, the environment is refined by day and glamorous by night.

The interiors have been designed and crafted with the customer at heart. I-AM carefully selected textured rich turquoise tiles, oaks, golds and brasses reflecting the Caspian region with a modern twist making for a warm and luxurious atmosphere. The restaurant design delights and excites diners with a ‘story telling’ experience.

Creating the Caspian Dining Experience at Jan

The front of the restaurant greets guests with a featured mirrored ceiling showcasing and reflecting the beautiful dining experience, while also making the space light and airy. The featured bar in the middle of the space displays authentic bitters and spices. At the rear of the restaurant the dramatic open kitchen features a spectacular open coal fire over and showcases chefs preparing along the marble counter, Caspian scents permeate the space creating atmospheric theatre.

Further rousing artistic Caspian statements are dotted around the space; hand painted scripture and bespoke portraits playfully represent the personalities of Caspian rulers. The branding is subtly applied across all touch-points tying the richness of the overarching brand experience together.

This destination restaurant attracts families and millenials alike, immersing guests into the exotic world of Caspian culture. The resulting restaurant branding is evocative, stunning and unique.

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