I-AM created an outstanding user experience. Elegant and innovative, they are highly disciplined and diligent – and streets ahead of the competition!
Osman Tüzün HR Co-ordinator, Garanti

Garanti Web Portal & UX

Due to usability and visibility problems, most Garanti employees were unable to use their 6000-page intranet portal in an effective way. Dependence on emails and a call centre for information sharing was proving a serious waste of time and resources. I-AM were appointed to redesign the system from the ground up.

The Design Process

I-AM started the project by gaining an in-depth understanding of the operational structure, content and required functions of the Garanti Intranet Portal. To get to grips with this ocean of information, 145 hours of in-depth interviews were conducted to help us to understand employee needs and usage patterns. By analysing interview responses, we created 12 distinct personas to help us design and evaluate the new structure and use flows. The design of high-resolution wireframes was followed by visual and interaction design phases.

The final visual concept is compatible with Garanti’s corporate identity, yet still offers employees the calm and enjoyable intranet experience they requested during the research.

What we did

In-depth Interviews
Diary Study
Card Sorting Sessions
Design Strategy
Information Architecture
Tree Testing
Persona Creation
Use-flow Diagrams
High-res Wireframing
Visual Design
Interactive Design
UX testing