I-AM is the design studio that makes a difference with its designs. They ensure that technology is relevant and integrated within the overall customer experience
Tuna Gülenç Deputy General Manager, Member of Board of Directors, Daikin

Daikin Multi-Functional Interior Design

Working with world-renowned air-conditioning company Daikin, I-AM designed the Solution Plaza: an experience and innovation centre where customers learn about the air we live in.

Creating Daikin’s Showroom

Daikin were keen to tell the story of the company’s air-conditioning and environmental technologies, with both digital and graphic illustrations utilised to do this via the showroom design. Inspiration was taken from the idea of the ‘movement of air’ and thus an immersive experience created for customers to tour the space and see the products in use in simulated home environments. Clear way finding is maximized with graphic applications on the floors and walls, and the centre is divided into zones around product type and energy efficiency.

The Solution Plaza is a successful multi-functional space for both Daikin customers and employees.

What we did

Interior Design
Brand Application
Navigation Design