I-AM's belief, dedication and determination has significantly contributed to the brand foundation we are now building our future upon. We have found a real partner in I-AM.
Marloes Knippenberg CEO of Cloud 7 Hotels

Cloud 7 Hotel Brand Creation & Interior Design

I-AM designed the brand, interior design and digital elements of Cloud 7, a new ‘smart hotel’ in Istanbul’s Ataköy Marina. With the motto of ‘dream, discover, inspire, live, meet and share’ the concept behind the design emphasises technology and communication innovations to encourage guests to interact with each other and their surroundings.

Instead of traditionally defined spaces, the ground floor reception-less social area is a space to share a snack, nestle in an intimate nook with a magazine or a tablet, or make new friends in a café bar that feels familiar, run by a local specialist.

Cloud 7 Digital Design

Technology is integrated throughout; guests check in and out using tablets and even the art on the walls is instantly available to buy using just a smartphone.

Cloud 7 responds to the fast pace of the city and travelling lifestyle and the company aims to open another 15 hotels in the near future. I-AM’s brand and interior design concept is globally applicable, with a balance of locally customisable characteristics that ensures an authentic experience for every guest.

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