This wheel’s on fire!

Brisa Retail Service Design & Interior Design

Brisa, a division of Bridgestone, has the largest share of the wheels and tyre market in Turkey. Having identified that instead of having to visit several service providers for tyres, rims, batteries and oil, customers wanted an integrated after-sale service, Brisa launched Otopratik. I-AM were asked to analyse the customer experience and behaviours in the existing Otopratik branch interior design and to recommend improvements.

Customer Journey Analysis

Customers visiting the branches were asked to participate in a questionnaire in order to identify problematic stages of the customer journey within the branches. In a separate observation study, footfall and time spent by customers in each zone were measured and the behavioural patterns of the customers in different zones were identified. From these data the quality of Otopratik’s customer experience was assessed.

Upon concluding the research, I-AM shared their findings regarding service flows and store design with Brisa in detail. Suggestions were made for each problematic case and detailed developed work flow diagrams incorporating these suggestions were produced.

What we did

Customer Journey Analysis
Experience Measurement
Behavioural Observation
Service Design
Experience Mapping
In-depth Interviews
Diagrammatic Flowchart