The largest wheel and tyre manufacturer and retailer in Turkey, Brisa, is a division of Bridgestone. The company understood that customers prefer to have an integrated after-sales approach to their vehicle maintenance – where they can go to a ‘one-stop-shop’ rather than many retailers for items such as tyres, batteries, rims and oil. To cater to this need, Brisa Bridgestone launched Otopratik.

I-AM were asked to analyse the customer experience and behaviours in the existing Otopratik branch store and recommend improvements to it.

Understanding and evolving the Customer Journey

The I-AM Service Design team created a questionnaire that was used to gather information from visitors to the Otopratik store and highlight specific problems in the store’s existing journey. Alongside this, the team studied footfall and time spent by customers in each zone to understand behavioural patterns. From this data the quality of Otopratik’s customer experience was measured and opportunities for improvements were identified. These included improvements in communication, in the staffing model, in customer interactions and in the display and marketing of products and information in the stores.

These recommendations then formed the basis of a new, highly successful retail experience that not only improved customer satisfaction and service, it improved staff retention and grew profits… setting a new benchmark for automotive after-sales service.

What we did

Branch design