As one of the quality ceramic brands in Turkey, Bien Seramik approached I-AM to raise the brand awareness through designing an experience center for their users.

Bien Seramik’s main target users are counted as dealers, contractors, architects and architecture students – who will be future customers as well. Starting with identifying the brand key, we defined key principles for each customer profile and designed their ideal journey inside the main campus.

The experience center includes both showrooms for exhibiting the products and offices for the design team, as well as other functional facilities serving for various purposes: The conference room hosts important events from remarkable speakers and client meetings. Besides, there is a library full of architectural books that could be bought with good prices.

Along with the interior experience, we also designed the architecture of the building. In order to create a holistic design approach, we designed the branding of the experience center, including the name, the logo and the brand identity.

What we did

Interior Design
Graphic Design
Brand Identity